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Business Plan Authoring

If you are serious about your start-up and want to ensure that your new company would not fail, you should write an all-encompassing business plan. This plan will help you achieve success through the outline of: raising capital, seeking new partners, operational structure, key resources. Essentially, once your business plan is written, you will have a much clearer idea on what would be required for you to start, run, and maintain your firm. In addition, this plan would help you focus on your goals and objectives.

While the task of composing a business plan might seem daunting, our experts can make this process as pain-free as possible. Even if you own an established business, it is often a great idea to keep your business plan fluid and up-to-date. This plan will ease the tasks of running your business

To better differentiate your company, we will start with helping you define your business specialty. In this process, we will also conduce a market study, if necessary. After finishing all other sections of the plan, we will write the most important section – Executive Summary.  This is the section that would show your reader where your company is today, and where you would like to see it in the future.

For the Financials section, we will prepare two sets of data: conservative and best case scenario. In addition, we would also provide both: concise and detailed statements based on 12 months rolling, 1/3/5 –year quarterly, and annual data:

Cash Flows

Income Statement

Balance Sheet

Elements of a business plan:

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