Strategic Planning

As a business owner, you know that it all begins with planning, or more accurately, Strategic Planning. As such, all of your business projects should begin with strategic planning. Strategic Planning will enable your small business to better define your goals and draft clear operational and business development strategy.

We could help you draft your strategic plan. This process entails identifying your business strengths and weaknesses, defining your opportunities and selecting the best approach to take full advantage of them. An effective strategic plan will give you the direction you need to improve your operations and achieve success. Similarly, finding the gaps in your business skills, might guide you towards a business consulting agency, such as ours.

We encourage you to treat your strategic plan as a living, evolving document that will become a tool to keep your organization focused on its goals. A strategy is composed of three parts: a mission statement, a vision statement, and a statement of values. We can help you draft all of them.

A mission statement typically answer the questions of what it is the business is trying to achieve, and how it plans on going to accomplish its goals. You could decide to be as specific or as general (to allow for flexibility) as possible in your mission statement.

A vision statement shows various business partners how the business sees itself in the future. It consists of your hopes and dreams about your business. It will also show where you want to go as a company.

A statement of core values lists your guiding principles and beliefs in operating your business. This statement will help you connect with your clients and set behavioral priorities for your employees.

Sincere there is no on right way to create your strategic plan, we will work with you to develop a process that bests fits your business’s unique needs and requirements. In doing so, we will create a broad plan to provide direction, yet flexible to allow for more details to be added at a later point. This approach will help you better identify your business competencies and build them into the plan.

Finally, we will remind you that even a perfect strategic plan won’t be effective unless it is a plan of actions that you actually take. We will help you set realistic milestones towards implementing your strategic plan and achieving your goals. We will also help you construct realistic financial forecast to enable timely feedback.

When we are done with writing your strategic plan, it will have characteristics of the S M A R T approach:






Steps of the Strategic Planning process:

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