Marketing Consulting

Marketing is one the key ingredients of your business success. Well-implemented marketing campaign can result in your inquiring new clients, while lack of marketing might lead to your company’s demise.

Marketing for small businesses is a rather challenging task, as small companies do not benefit from commonly accepted marketing practices adopted by large enterprises. We can help you develop a simple, realistic, easily-implementable marketing strategy that delivers results.

We will guide you through traditional four Ps of marketing: Product, Place, Promotion and Price. This process would entail defining characteristics of your product or service, designing your distribution channels, implementing effective advertising or promotion campaign, and finally determining the right amount you should charge.

During this process we will help you define your target audience. We will also assist you in communicating your key product benefits and its overall uniqueness. We will work with you on creating a trusted professional identity and corporate brand. Next step will involve drafting effective advertising campaign and measuring its results. During this stage you will get a clear view on who your customers should be and what products they need. We will utilize online search engine tools to better study your competition and customer requirements. We will also take advantage of social media marketing tools, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Our marketing services include custom marketing strategy, affordable web presence package, and affordable log design. We also have expertise in press campaigns, article placements, social media implementations, and event management.

After we help you successfully implement your marketing campaign and realize new sales, we will help you with the most important marketing step – relationship management. This effort involves repeat sales and new business through maintaining valuable relationships with you existing customers and clients.

4 P’s of Marketing

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